27/7/15 – 3rd ODI Worcester

Lets be honest, I didn’t see the game today, I had that work thing that often allows me to travel overseas with the team, BUT today meant I missed my first day of ashes cricket since 2005 – for those of you not around back then, it was when the Ashes was a two test series!

Having been able to be a little more remote from the game, what are my thoughts?? When people ask me, I return to the sentiment I expressed via this blog during this winter – the team have the all the skills required to beat the best.

However, perhaps with more consideration I think you need a couple more aspects- 1) cricket intelligence, 2) heart and 3) match nous/belief.  For example, I can look fantastic on the golf driving range, but the next Laura Davies I am not – I’ll explain perhaps why not…

1. I’m pretty decent with a 7-iron on the range or a wedge on the practise ground but I don’t have the game intelligence to know how to use the other sticks, or how much welly to give each shot or where to aim it,

2. quite frankly I’d probably rather be watching a cricket match, hopefully in the sunshine, than slogging round the course plus its me on my own – there’s very little team spirit on the golf course outside the Ryder and Sondheim cups.and

3. as I’ve only been round the course about half a dozen times in my life, I don’t know when to do what, if I’m doing it right or making an idjit of myself, and I’m likely to second guess my decisions!

What does this mean for England Women?

County/Super 4’s/EWA experience should be transferable to the international arena, and many of this team have been playing for many seasons at home, plus many have experienced playing domestically overseas, but its not exactly the same, especially with the kind of crowds we’ve had this week. In Lottie the team has one of the most respected and successful leaders in any sport who has been able to get ‘her girls’ up for Ashes, finals or key games with ease, but somehow the team don’t seem to be playing for each other. And, chopping and changing the team, bringing in people who have not been involved thus far, or who’ve not experienced much international cricket does not seem likely to fill them with self confidence!

All that said, I’ve seen most of these players playing, home and abroad, from club to international level, for many years, during which time I’ve met many of their parents and friends, and the one thing I know, whoever is actually put on the park for the test match or the T20s next month, the players will be determined to do their best – I can’t doubt their heart, and given that I’ve previously said they have the skills, perhaps it is the mental aspects that need more consideration…

2 thoughts on “27/7/15 – 3rd ODI Worcester

  1. Skills consistency & confidence

    They have the skills but can they consistently hit the level necessary to compete with Lanning and Perry? The next level for women’s cricket.

    Chopping and changing players suggests the team management don’t have the confidence in some players to achieve the first point.

    I have seen some amazing U19s supposedly on the ECB Pathway is there a bottleneck or is this the last chance saloon for a few ‘names’. Yes we know they can beat ‘the rest’ but how about the best? I look forward to being proved wrong over the next 4 games.


  2. You’re right, I think that Australia have won the psychological game in the series so far. England have won recent ODI series like the one in New Zealand, often by skittling out the opposition for under 200. This is not easy against Australia, so the focus in this series was always going to be about 2 things: how we dealt with their best 2 players, Lanning and Perry, and how well our batters hit the ball to keep up with Lanning’s vey high run rate.

    So it was a mistake to bowl first in both the 2nd and 3rd matches. I think the plan was to force Australia to repeat what they failed to do at Taunton and set a high enough target, but the plan failed as England themselves did not bowl well enough. Following up a loss with the same pattern again in the third game also backfired; we could have unsettled them more, and changed things up for ourselves, by batting first.

    The 3 replacements in the third game were a bit of a disaster; only Gunn performed even remotely well. We may have dented the confidence of all 6 players with those changes. Meanwhile, with seemingly in form-players like Ferling, Cameron and Beams in the wings, Australia have plenty of good problems with who to select.

    England are struggling to take the important wickets and struggling to either hit runs fast enough or rotate the strike; which are exactly the 2 things we need to do right to be successful in the series. We go into the Test needing some fresh inspiration and some better bowling and batting plans, but ultimately much hope will rest on Lanning and Perry having a bad day at the office. We can help bring this about by playing straight to Perry and not giving Lanning anything to work with, even she gets frustrated eventually. With out those two, we are much better match for the Aussies.


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