19/8/15 Ireland v Australia @Dublin YMCA

Ireland must be ranked about 10 in the world and the prospect of three T20 games against the world champions Australia might have been daunting.

To their absolute credit they acquitted themselves well against a pretty full strength aussie side with a decent crowd of a couple of hundred. If only they could have controlled the weather they could have started on time, but instead we were half an hour late whilst the groundsmen added a lot of sawdust on to the pitch adjoining the one we were playing on.

Vilani and Jonassen started for Australia like a train, having been put in by Ireland, aggressively taking the game to Ireland, but Jonassen chipped to mid on to give a simple-ish catch to midon Gaby Lewis in the 3rd over for 5, 12-1.

First wicket falls
First wicket falls

Vilani and Lanning put on a 56-run stand in seven overs before Vilani was well caught by a good running forward Clare Shillington on the square leg boundary from the bowling of 15 year old O’Reilly for 32 off 30 balls, 68-2.

remember the name O'Reilly - 15 years old
remember the name O’Reilly – 15 years old

Three quick wickets between 103 and 104 runs abated the run rate slightly, starting with Lanning c Lewis b Tice 43 (38), followed by Perry run out by the bowler Garth 17(18) when called through for a single by Harris and Grace Harris for a rather ugly and unfortunate duck, having been part of the run out of senior partner Perry, stumped.

Perry run out
Perry run out

Blackwell and Cameron made a quick fire 36 off less than 4 overs, including the only six of the game to Cameron in the last over, along with quick running between the wickets to put pressure on the Irish fielders to turn lots of ones into twos, to take the score to 140.

no ball!
no ball!

Ireland were rarely in the chase, losing regular wickets, with Cecilia Joyce and Delaney putting on the best stand of 37 for the third wicket before the wicket of Joyce triggered a significant slowing of the scoring rate as Ireland went from 51-2 to 51-5, including the wicket of Ireland’s keeper Waldron for a duck.

Gabby Lewis, in her third T20I, rallied the tail to 108-8 being the last wicked to fall, but Ireland fell 25 runs on 115-8, their highest ever T20I score against Australia and equal 9th highest score in 34 games, short despite some good strong hitting from Lewis, some level-headed nurdling and quick running between the wickets. Three run-outs might seem to contradict that statement as they hurt Ireland, but one was tipped on to the stumps by the bowler and another was a direct hit.

The same two sides meet again, same time, same place on friday.

One thought on “19/8/15 Ireland v Australia @Dublin YMCA

  1. Just discovered your blog as another massive fan of England women’s team!

    Well done for putting out all the articles I love them!

    I watched the live stream on for this game on the Cricket Ireland website in the hope of getting a preview of the Aussies’ form ahead of the T20 series with England. In fact, I was more impressed by Ireland to be honest.

    To think they have 14-17 year olds in their team who couldn’t be professionals even if they wanted to be at the moment! And so far they’re giving Southern Stars as good a test if not better than England have!

    They’ve come along way in a short time.

    Last summer: Ireland Lost T20 series against South Africa 3-0 with 3 comprehensive defeats. England beat South Africa 3-0 with 2 easy and one close victory.

    This summer: Ireland lost first T20 against Aus by a much closer margin than they lost against SA. Eng v Aus ??? But I doubt England will beat Australia 3-0!

    Unless England start to make more of what they have with their professional structure I fear we’ll miss a huge opportunity to get players involved from a younger age. Ireland and the other teams considered by some to be to be “worse” like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh will catch up. England’s youngest player in the last match was 22. We currently do too much training and not enough playing competitive matches against other women’s sides. When all you have is a hammer, every problem’s a nail, so “work harder in the gym/nets” becomes the solution to any problem rather than “play more cricket”. This leads to over-coaching and players having their natural games stifled, which is in my opinion what we’ve seen in the past couple of years. Ireland have a much better mix in their setup and it’s showing in their rapid improvement.


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