KSL: Storm v Vipers 12/8/16

A friday evening game at Taunton, in front of a very decent crowd, saw a cracking game. Vipers – all but mathematically qualified for the finals – unbeaten in the competition set a decent total of 137, but they seemed not to have calculated for WI captain, Stafanie Taylor who took the run chase by the scruff and muscled Storm into the finals on 21st at Chelmsford.

25 S0178091 trev
26 S0218119 staf
Stefanie Taylor – over the top

27 S0228128 yes

28 S0488257 fi gets trev
Morris gets Knight
31 S0778426 reverse
Wilson with a reserse
30 S0658341 batsmen cross
Batsmen cross in the shadows
29 S0618315 staf
powerful Taylor
32 S0808448 reverse again
and again
34 S0878489 all smiles
all smiles
35 S0978554 lots congrats
congrats from Edwards
36 S0049016 good crowd
decent crowd on a nice evening
37 S0059021 low 5s
low 5’s for the victors


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