KSL: Semi @Chelmsford 21/8/16

Storm won the toss and bowled in the first ever KSL finals day against Lightning. Elwiss and van Niekerk fell in the fifth over, but Devine and Perry combined to push the score to decency with a 58 run stand at a smidge under a run a ball. Devine fell in the 15th over and Perry attempted to marshal the tail, although Sophie Luff tried to keep the score down with two run outs. Perry ended the season with a valuable contribution, finishing unbeaten on 64 off 48, the next highest score was Devine on 21.

Beth Langston opened for Lightning extremely economically with only 1 run from the first 2 overs, Odedra from the other end was not quite so tight, with Priest and Taylor playing watchfully. Priest fell early but Taylor and skipper Knight combined to equal Lightnings top partnership of 58. Taylor fell to a top edged sweep, pouched by Brookes, with Wilson continuing in on a 45 run stand. Wilson fell with 7 runs required and a clatter of wickets left Hennessy to finish things with a boundary though the covers off her first ball with 3 balls to spare to see Storm into the first KSL final!

1 S0311082 dibble
Jodie Dibble
2 S0431141 knight
Heather Knight
3 S0451150 devine c wilson b knight
Devine c Wilson b Knight
4 S0541183 ae jones run out luff
Amy Jones run out Luff
5 S0651217 perry not run out
Perry not out
6 S0771272 perry about to get 50
Perry getting 50
7 S0791279 perry 50
50 for Perry
8 S0811293 scholfield b shrubsole
Scholfield b Shrubsole
9 S0881310 taylor
Stafanie Taylor
10 S0891320 brookes c o'keefe b taylor
Brookes c O’Keefe b Taylor
11 S0931332 o'keefe celebrates with storm
O’Keefe celebrates with team
12 S0971350 perry hitting out
Perry hitting out
13 S0022003 langston opens economically
Langston open for Lightning economically
14 S0112060 taylor misses ball
Taylor misses the ball
15 S0162091 priest b van niekerk
Priest b van Niekerk
16 S0292139 taylor missing a slower ball not out
Taylor misses a slower ball, not out
17 S0382184 perry bowling
Ellyse Perry
18 S0472220 trev
Knight on drives
19 S0482223 amy
Amy Jones gathers
20 S0532238 scholfield
Paige Scholfield returns
21 S0542242 staf
Taylor down the ground
22 S0572258 trev not out
Knight, not out
23 S0602267 running
quick single
24 S0692308 staf top edge
Taylor top edge
25 S0702312 c brookes
Brookes there to take the catch
26 S0732328 taylor c brookes b van niekerk
Taylor c Brookes b van Niekerk
27 S0812355 trev might be out
Knight might be in trouble
28 S0812357 but g doesn't have the ball
but Elwiss doesn’t have the ball
30 S0862376 devine
Sophie Devine
31 S0922405 dane kocked wrist
Kocked wrist of van Niekerk
32 S0962441 fran not lbw
Wilson missed the ball but not lbw
33 S0053020 wilson on drive
Wilson on drive
34 S0063026 trev
Heather Knight
35 S0073030 wilson pulls in air
Wilson pulls but in the air
36 S0103047 wilson c perry b odedra
Wilson c Perry b Odedra
37 S0153081 trev to 50
Knight goes to 50
38 S0223125 lee pulls early lbw
Lee pulls early – lbw
39 S0253135 trev over top c odedra b devine
Knight goes over the top c Odedra b Devine
40 S0273141 knight c odedra b devine
Knight c Odedra b Devine
41 S0333160 hennessy keeps her head to win it with 3 balls to spare
Hennessy keeps her head to win it with 3 balls to spare

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