well you all know the story…. here’s some of the flavour….

getting 20k+ folks into a ground is not quick, despite the best efforts of some RSM-like shouting stewards – to be fair the buzz and conversation in the q as lots of peps bump into people they know (or recognise Tiffs) and catch up. In eventually, find the right staircase, climb up asap, reach the top puffed out and then are held (quite rightly for play and spectators) until the end of the over….

Goswami was her normal self, on her stage, masterful, quick and soooo much taller than her team mates, looking the giant of the game that she is. Economical but not successful to start, her second spell was more fruitful, two in two balls, but the hat-trick ball to fellow fast bowler Brunt was defended…

Goswami gets Winfield
or does she, Winfield reviews

spidercam is rather annoying
Winfield b Gayakwad

Beaumont goes big to full toss
but down Goswami’s throat

The skipper strides out to join Taylor, the new comer in her first world final, joining the returned stalwart, who despite publicised issues in the last year, had not shown signs of not feeling completely at home, let’s hope she’s back for good.

a DRS review as Knight is given not out
Raj reviews after consulting with bowler and keeper

The openers fell after getting starts, and Knight had gone, Taylor and Sciver scampered, again, and the wicket of Taylor was against the run of play.

Rain was feared for the afternoon, the light levels fell and the floodlights came on quite early on, and when drizzle fell just after midday, as the groundsmen moved the electric boundary boards, and the foam bumpers (Daggers described them as toblerones) the umpires ignored it all, not even coming together to discuss the possibility of stopping!

Taylor c Verma b Goswami

The wicket of Sarah Taylor, part of the penetrating Goswami returning spell, exposed Wilson to a first swinging yorker, was it going down leg – there was no discussion of review and in strode the opposing opening quick bowler Katherine Brunt, who has fought against Goswami with bat and ball for over a decade.

Wilson doesn’t get bat to ball


Goswami appeals
WIlson lbw Goswami
the familiar stance
hat-trick ball

50 for Sciver

Sciver got her 50, again seemingly unphased by the occasion, as she has seemed all tournament, and again Goswami worked her magic – another lbw, reviewed by Sciver I think hope than expectation as the last batsmen.

As a number of times in the competition, it fell to the bowlers to help set a decent target, Brunt, Gunn and Marsh all showing the experience of playing in previous world cups, tournaments or Ashes series over their careers – all over 10 years since their debuts on the international stage.

Laura Marsh in front of the famous but sparsely occupied pavilion

Was it enough?

As I legged it from my seat to experience the atmosphere, see people who were worried perhaps not enough, pop in the shop (the q reached almost to the entry door) yet again I missed the first over, but the roar of the crowd ensured the entire shop turned to look at the TV screens above the counter, and like an echo, there was a secondary roar!


S0228062 too far for Taylor (1280x960)
too far for Taylor

S0228065 (1280x961)

Raj runout! In the semi the fall of Raj was not as good news as thought. In how many of our really successful teams does the fall of a big wicket bring yet another respected batsman – think Keightly brings Rolton, Edwards brings Taylor OR Taylor, Lanning brings Perry. Kaur was imperious against Australia, the owner of the best innings I’ve seen, declaring it her best innings – Charlotte Edwards.

S0268088 Raut flicks (1280x960)
Raut flicks

India cruised on, Raut – forever as the commentators like to call it – diminutive, but continuing her calm accumulating form seen in the tournament, showing little sign of nerves, except perhaps a reluctance to run quick singles in the deafening atmosphere.

S0308106 Knight to Kaur (1280x960)
Knight to Kaur
S0368132 Shrubsole first spell (1280x960)
Shrubsole first spell


S0418150 sciver to Kaur (1280x960)
Sciver to Kaur

The run rate had risen to five and a half, and about there it stayed. We passed the 20 over mark – those in the know knew we would have a result.

S0438161 Kaur flicks (1280x960)
Kaur flicks
S0468166 Raut 50 (960x1280)
Raut 50
S0518185 Kaur 50 (1280x960)
Kaur 50

S0528191 (960x1280)

The stand was broken by Hartley, again claiming a big scalp, caught Beaumont.


S0568205 Kaur c Beaumont b Hartley (1280x947)
Kaur c Beaumont b Hartley

S0578209 (1280x960)S0608222 (960x1280)

Verma Krishnamurthy lived a little dangerously, like she was trying to get there fast… The run rate required hovered between 5 and 6, they weren’t making significant progress in reducing it – Raut continued, whilst Knight rotated her bowlers.

S0618225 Marsh almost through (1280x947)
Marsh almost gets through
S0678255 Gunn miserly (1280x958)
Gunn miserly
S0718268 Raut cramp (1280x960)
Raut with cramp
S0878306 balletic (1280x959)
Hartley balletic

and then a change, Shrubsole swapped ends….

S0928342 Shrubsole to Raut (1280x960)
Shrubsole to Raut
S0938345 finger up (1280x960)
finger up
S0019002 too late (1280x960)
too long

She trapped Raut on the stumps, and continued to look to the Indians as the team descended on her to celebrate – when Raut decided to ask, she was told she’d taken too long – Radio commentary reckoned she was out anyway.

This opened the door a bit to the England bowlers, Hartley getting back in the wickets and Shrubsole continued to pressure the Indian lower order, including returning the quick bowlers favour – cleaning up Goswami.

S0049023 (1280x954)
Verma b Hartley
S0799049 Goswami gone (1280x960)
Goswami b Shrubsole

S0819074 (1280x960)S0819078 (1280x960)S0819083 (1280x960)

Then there were a few frantic running moments – the crowd was deafening, shouting was required just to inform the umpire what you were doing – that kept the third umpire v busy, including one that was so so close…

S0889113 bit wide (1280x960)
bit wide from round the wicket
S0889115 taylor knocks the ball on (1280x961)
Taylor knocks the ball on to the stumps
S0929133 closer than she though (1280x960)
closer than Taylor thought
S0989163 another runout chance (1280x960)
Pandey waits in despair

S0999167 (1280x960)

Pandey ended up short.  But youngster Sharma was there, with a double-hundred to her name…

S0090032 Deepti goes big (1280x959)
Deepti goes big

S0100037 Sciver there (1280x960)S0100040 (1280x960)S0110051 (1280x960)

now only two tail-enders remainded between England and that trophy again

S0160075 11 from 11 (1280x960)

If you were going to put money on a catcher, Gunn would be a top contender, but she turfed a mistimed shot… Shrubsole was the first to request calm.S0170080 I'd put money on it (1280x960)S0170082 (1280x960)

she was right, the very next ball, a skilled quick bowler got through the defences of a tailender…S0180089 all over (1280x960)

Cue celebrations….

S0180093 (1280x960)S0180098 (925x1280)S0180101 (1280x936)S0180103 (1280x936)S0200112 (1280x960)S0210121 (1280x960)S0240133 (1280x960)

and celebrations with squad and support staff…

and tv interviews


agony vs ecstasy

S0720302 (1280x960)

S0820326 (1280x960)

presentation party

S0920336 (1280x960) presentation party


S0990344 (958x1280) mom


Indians very muted and subservient as ever

S0261056 (1280x960) indian medalsS0321064 (1280x960)

England medals

S0571098 (1280x960) england medals

Mandatory awkward interview

S0711113 (1280x960)


S0771128 (1280x961) trophyS0771140 (1280x960)S0921206 (1280x960)S0941216 (1280x960)S0951220 (1280x960)S0951224 (1280x960)S0981238 (1280x960)

Selfie time

S0022004 selfie time (1280x962)

and lap of honour…

S0052012 (1280x960)

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